My name is Timothy P. Clark. I am a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department at North Carolina State. My dissertation is nearly complete, and I am currently on the job market.

My research program critically engages the discourse on sustainable development from a sociological perspective. In recent years, I’ve focused on aquatic food systems, coastal communities, and the socioeconomic drivers of marine ecosystem impact.

I am also an award-winning collegiate instructor. I have taught several courses in the Sociology Department at North Carolina State University, both in person and online. I am also a funded Graduate Fellow with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS).

My scholarship connects socioecological change from the community to the global level. Using methods from historical comparative and quantitative regression analyses, I expand upon social metabolic theory to explore how the stratified world system and a competitive global market often lead to unintended and unsustainable consequences.

Please peruse my page for more information about my scholarship, contact me at tpclark2@ncsu.edu for direct inquiries